August ’15 Key West Fishing Report


The warm waters of Key West are such a beautiful sight this time of year. Clear conditions with minimal rain has made it very enjoyable out on the water. The shallows have not had AS much action due to the high water temperature, but our target species are still around. The more action packed days have been in a little deeper waters near the backcountry or out at the reef. In the shallows we are seeing bonefish, permit, sharks, and barracudas. Sight fishing has been the way to go in the shallows, since the water is so clear. The reef and deeper areas have had snappers, groupers, and jacks around, making for a fun filled day. This time of year, if you want to get some fish to eat, I would recommend going to the more reef-type environments versus fishing in the backcountry. Some of the mangrove snappers we see in the backcountry are still trickling in from their spawning stages, and aren’t quite targets yet in the shallows.

Just remember when choosing your type of fishing trip while it’s very warm:

-Inshore and backcountry fishing are going to have more target species to go after. For example: permit, bonefish, barracuda, jacks, sharks, and a slim chance of a tarpon.

-Deeper water and reef fishing is going to give you more options for variety. Maybe not as large of fish at times, but more fish that you can bring back for dinner and also more diverse.

Key West Bonefishing

Capt. Brandon Cyr with a nice bonefish caught in the shallows.

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