All Water Everything

Inshore/Patch Reef/Fun Fishing Charter Combo

The All Water Everything fishing charter is what some people say is the most diverse charter offered in Key West. The All Water Everything trip is designed so you can get the most out of your Key West charter eperience. On this trip, we start out fishing the backcountry.

  • The backcountry is filled with a plethora of different fish species including tarpon, permit, bonefish, trout, sharks and more. Starting with tarpon in the early morning, you get your opportunity to pull on a big shallow water game fish. Tarpon are usually the most productive to go after in the early mornings and late afternoon, so in this case we like to start fishing for them before we go do anything else during the day.
  • There are tons of different routes we have been on during this trip, as it usually is based on the desires and dreams of our anglers. A lot of times, we look for permit in the backcountry and flats. Permit are an illusive species that live in quite a few different environments.
  • We look for them on the flats and channels in the backcountry first. Sometimes these fish like to be on shallow wrecks and reefs that we may adventure to later in the day.
  • Other flats/backcountry species include barracuda, bonefish, and jacks. Fishing for some of these species is done primarily by sight casting. Others can be caught by blind casting lures and plugs into shallow channels and mangrove environments. The day is only half over at this point after we have seen a good amount of life in the shallows. From there, we head out to some deeper, reef style fishing to go after “everything” else on our All Water Everything Adventure.

Juvenile Tarpon caught in the mangroves

Hitting different depths of water throughout the day will lead us to maximizing our species that we can catch throughout our day. That’s what this trip is all about. We head out to some shallow wrecks, a lot of times out by the Marquesas Keys. These wrecks hold a few different target species, including permit, cobia, barracuda, and jacks. A lot of these varieties of fish will take artificial baits on the surface, making for some good action. Watching a fish follow your lure the whole way and smashing it on the surface is like no other style of fishing. Next on the list we cover some shallow reef structures. These environments range from 5ft to 45ft. We throw artificial lures and small live baits to see what reef dwelling fish we can get into. Most of the times, we will see a great number of mangrove, yellowtail, mutton, and lane snappers. These fish are super aggresive, and will launch out of their comfortable environment to snatch what you’re offering. Occasional red, black, and gag grouper will show their hungry faces too. The deeper depths of water are really nice because you never know what you’re going to have on the end of your line.

Mutton snapper caught on a shallow wreck

Depending on the day and once again, the anglers’ goals, we will often shoot out to the reef to do some chumming for some yellowtail snappers and other various bottom dwelling species. This is extremely productive and a lot of fun for any level angler. Catching fish almost every drop is something everyone can enjoy, especially being able to take some home for dinner! Kids also love this part in the day because they have constant action. From here we make the decision what to do next, a lot of anglers are very content finishing out the day catching snappers and getting something to bring home, while others want to see what else is out there. Going out a little past the reef to the bluewater, depending on the weather, in depths ranging from 150-500ft can lead us to some pelagic species. Sailfish, blackfin tuna, kingfish, and mahi mahi are things we try and go after in these depths. Trolling, drifting with live bait, or throwing baits at various floating structures is the style of fishing done out in the bluewater. You never know what kind of pelagic species you will see which makes these depths so exciting and surprising. Dependant on the weather, the All Water Everything Charter can be an experience you’ll be sure to remember.

If you’re leaning towards more of a reef style trip, it is better to book an actual reef trip versus this backcountry combo.

*The All Water Everything Charter is weather dependent. If the weather for the day booked is not considered ideal for the All Water Everything Charter, you will be given the option to back down to a more manageable charter for the weather given for that day. 

Yellow Jack in Key West

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