December Fishing in Key West 2015


Fishing Through the Holiday Season

It’s far enough through November to pretty much decide how the early parts of December will be, while fishing in Key West. The warmer weather we are experiencing is great! It is a lot warmer in Key West than most other places in the country right now. We have gotten a few mild cold fronts which is good because it also brings in a lot of different species we like to see in the winter months.

December Fishing in Key West

People always ask “what’s running” this time of year. I always stumble on the question because it changes so much every day! Some days we can get into some juvenile tarpon in the mangroves, while other days we are finding all sorts of varieties of fish in the shallow channels throughout the backcountry. It really depends on the day this time of year. Also, the weather plays a big part in what we can do.¬†while the direction of the winds can dictate where we go and what we fish for. With many changing weather patterns this time of year, we get to fish all sorts of spots and for such a large variety of species.

Fish We Have Caught This Week

What I’ve been seeing this past week has been incredible. We had a few angry weather systems come in, but the fishing has still been good. We have gotten into:

  • Big mangrove snappers
  • Muttons snappers
  • Lane snappers
  • Juvenile tarpon
  • Red, black, and gag groupers
  • Sharks
  • Barracudas
  • Sea trout
  • Jack crevalles
  • Yellow Jacks
  • Ladyfish
  • Black tip, bull, lemon sharks

Mutton in December

That’s the ones I can think of off the top of my head, at least. We didn’t catch all of those species in one day (though it could probably be done), just throughout the past week in total.

Everything looks great for December 2015 fishing in Key West and I am very excited to continue to be out on the water. Thanksgiving is rolling on in and everyone is booked up and staying busy. The winds are a little high this week, but the fishing has just been excellent.

Don’t wait too long to book your December 2015 Fishing Charter in Key West with Capt. Kyle. Things are booking up, especially for Christmas week!

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