November 2020 Fishing Report AND Video

November is a great transition month down here in Key West. We see a season change in the fishery, and slightly with the weather. Our leaves do not change, but the temperatures are a little more mild than the summer months.

Before we get to the report, here’s the video for those of you who came for just that! A little quick video of some tarpon and shark fishing in the backcountry. Fun times.

This year we have had a lot of late tropical developments coming into our area. This is usually uncommon, but it still IS hurricane season until the end of the month. Hopefully these storms just go away and we can move into our normal pattern for this time of year. We are all getting tired of the winds and rain.

With things starting to cool off we will see a change in some of the species that are available to catch. For the backcountry, we start to see trout show up along with cobia, ladyfish, more jacks, and mackerel. Sharks will also be around thick but only if the water stays warm, will they be active.

On the flats, we still have opportunity to catch permit, bonefish, and barracudas. The cooler days will affect the water temperature, and all fish that live in the shallows. The shallower you go, the faster the temperature can drop which means – lazy fish. We usually don’t have too many days of this throughout the winer months but it can happen. Lucky we just fall back and fish a little deeper water for the species in the paragraph above.

The reef and offshore fishing is very productive in the winter months. A lot of reef species move a little shallower to get into some warmer water which makes them easier to target. Yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, kingfish, and cobia are all on that list. Outside of the reef in deeper water we will start to see some sailfish, black fin tuna, and wahoos. Mahi mahi are also around sometimes depending on the currents and wind direction.

The winter months and holidays are starting to get booked up so don’t wait too long to call or schedule online!