Mid April 2017 Fishing Report


It’s spring! Cooler weather patterns still coming into Key West, as well as some warmer days that feel closer to summer. We are loving the complexity of the fishery right now as we are seeing different things daily. The main question we are getting is, “How’s the tarpon fishing?” The answer to that question will be below.

As far as what we have to offer in Key West this spring, is jacks, snapper, sharks, barracuda, tarpon, permit, bonefish, mackerel, ladyfish, sea trout, and an occasional cobia. There are so many different types of species to get into because the water has not heated up yet. That is a great thing to be able to get into a variety of species. That leads up to the main question a lot of anglers are asking this spring; about the tarpon fishing.

key west tarpon fishing

Tarpon fishing has been hit or miss since late February until now. We have had a lot more cold fronts than we did last year, which is pushing their migration back a little bit. We have though, had days of multiple hookups and releases in the past week or two. It really just depends on the weather patterns and the water and/or air temperature. The tarpon fishing will pick up gradually moving into the end of April and early parts of May. Some years we see this happen in early April, but the cold fronts have really held things off a little bit.


Typical days lately consist of fishing for tarpon forĀ a little bit, and then moving into the backcountry to go after the other varieties of fish we have to offer. Regardless of the species of fish, the action has great. Once we get rid of a little bit of this wind we will really be able to explore out to some areas that we have not been able to fish in a few weeks! Exciting stuff down here.

Book your trips while you can! Limited availability left for late April and May. Lots of afternoon backcountry/tarpon fishing spots open still.

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