*Please do not try and book through third party booking sites, companies, or a concierge. Call/book direct. 

Pricing and bookings below:

More trip information on Charter Details and Terms page.

Deposit to hold your fishing trip

If you don’t pay in full, deposit of 20% is needed to secure your scheduled charter. Balances are payable in cash (USD), traveler’s checks, or credit card in person (3% processing fee). NO personal checks are allowed as payment for remainder of balance unless approved by the captain when booking.

No shows will be charged in full.

Lengthening your day

If you would like to add time to your fishing charter while you are on the water, just let the captain know and he can stay out in intervals of an hour at a time, dependent on his schedule.


There is no refund of deposit if you cancel your trip less than 7 days before the scheduled trip date. For cancellations within 24 hours, you will be charged in full for the amount of their scheduled fishing charter (the captain has gotten out of bed, prepared himself, and turned away other bookings of people who most likely would have shown up). The deposit is only refunded if the captain agrees to cancel the charter for other circumstances (typically due to bad weather…see below).

Sea Sick Policy

Even though we try to stay in calmer waters, sea sickness can still be an issue. If your charter wants to return early because of sea sickness, you are responsible for the full charter rate. Please do what is necessary to prepare yourself for this. In the backcountry it is unlikely to become seasick, but it happens. If you are prone to getting seasick, please take the medications and/or wear a sea sickness wristband or patch that you can get at a local pharmacy. Save celebrating in Key West the night OF your charter not the night BEFORE. Hangovers and excess drinking are the number one cause of sea sickness. Key West is definitely a party town, so plan wisely. Your day will not be as exciting if you are hungover, and it will make you and your party miserable.

Inclement Weather Policy

All Water Charters reserves the right to cancel or delay your charter due to unsafe or dangerous weather conditions. Your captain will speak with you on this issue either at the dock in the morning or over the phone, and explain your options if there are weather conditions that are not comfortable (or fishable) for the day planned. IF your captain decides to cancel your trip because of the weather, you will have an option to reschedule for another day (if possible on schedule) and your deposit will go towards that day. If there is no possibility in rescheduling after your canceled trip, you will be given full refund of your deposit. We will try to get you out with one of our colleagues if we are not available for rescheduling.

If the weather is not suitable for the type of trip you have booked, you will be given the option to back up to a shorter length trip and/or different type of charter if possible. We sometimes have to deal with hefty winds that make it uncomfortable to go on certain types of charters due to unprotected waters. These days are still good days to be out catching fish, but just may not be what you have booked. Don’t worry though, we don’t have to deal with this issue too often.


Got a big group of family…or maybe a bachelor party, corporate group, or other large group that you want to get out on the water?  We can set you up with a group (multi-boat) charter for you. We know lots of other professional captains on the island who love to work together to make things like this happen. It is just as much fun for us as it is for you to be on the same itinerary, and sometimes even fishing right near one of the other group boats! Please give us a call a good bit in advance if you would like to book a group charter.