What We Offer

As there are many types of fishing trips to choose from in Key West, there is always a trip designed to fit your angling skills and fishing desires. The two types of fishing that are most popular in Key West are Backcountry Fishing and Light Tackle Reef Fishing. Both of these trips are compeltely different. Backcountry trips are going to be in more shallow water within the mangrove islands and flats of Key West. Backcountry fishing is a good way to get out and see the nearshore waters of Key West, as well as staying in shallow, calm waters. Backcountry fishing is a less expensive fishing trip than Reef fishing, mostly from the fuel costs, and boat size.  The Marquesas Keys is a good place to explore for this type of backcountry diversity.

Light tackle reef fishing is a trip that is more about catching fish that you can eat, as well as a different method of fishing. When we are fishing the reef we are primarily bottom fishing. Sometimes we shoot out into the deeper waters and look for pelagic species like mahi-mahi.

Key West Backcountry Fishing

Key West Backcountry FishingBackcountry fishing will take you out in the shallows just off of Key West. Backcountry fishing offers an experience like no other. You get to be in shallow, clear waters where you can see life thriving. This type of trip can consist of many different things including tarpon, sharks, jacks, snappers and more! Backcountry fishing can be done in almost any weather condition since the waters are mostly protected by mangrove islands and shallow flats. Backcountry fishing is the most popular type of fishing trip that we do. Out of all the fishing trips Key West has to offer, it is the most cost efficient fishing trip to get out on the water and go bend some rods on a variety of species.

Marquesas Keys Fishing

Marquesas Keys FishingThe Marquesas Keys is a nature filled, magical destination for backcountry fishing in the Florida Keys. The Marquesas Keys is a group of islands roughly 26 miles West of Key West. The Marquesas Keys consists of a circular chain of islands that have beautiful waters and an untouched feel. Anglers like fishing the Marquesas Keys because of its secludedness away from the rest of the Lower Keys and Key West.

Key West Shark Fishing

Key West Shark FishingKey West Shark fishing has become a recent favorite. Anglers get to interact with these beasts as they come boatside to pick up a free, easy meal. Shark fishing consists of chumming up some dead, smelly, bloody fish to lure in the big ones. When fishing for sharks in shallow water, you can see the sharks cruising in, trying to figure out where the smell is coming from. Sharks don’t take long to react to some fresh squeezed blood into their environment. Shark fishing is primarily done in the backcountry. You can turn your backcountry trip into a toothy critters trip by just simply asking the captain. Go after some barracudas first for bait, then set up for sharks; you’ll love watching the food chain in action!

 Key West Tarpon Fishing

Key West Tarpon FishingTarpon fishing in Key West is the most popular type of sub-backcountry fishing excursion in the Spring and Early Summer. Tarpon fishing can be done using spinning gear or fly fishing setups. Live baiting and artificial lures are the most popular style of tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys. Tarpon can range anywhere from 20-150 pounds in Key West, which gives you a great surprise as you get to see your fish jump clear out of the water. Whether you’re a novice angler or a talented seasoned veteran, tarpon will give you a run for your money.

Reef Fishing in Key West

Light Tackle Reef FishingLight tackle reef fishing consists of fishing water primarily deeper than 30 feet. Reef fishing is a good style of fishing for people who want to get fish to bring home for dinner. This style of fishing is done mostly by anchoring up to some structure and dropping bait into these structures. Coral, sea fans, hard bottom, and small wrecks are all areas that we would fish on this type of trip. There is plenty of variety that you will get into during this trip.