Key West Fishing FAQ

Here are some answers to some common questions that we get asked. If you still have a question that isn’t listed here, please call at 305-509-2201 or fill out a contact form.

How long is the boat ride before we are fishing?

Depending on what type of fishing trip you are scheduled on and how long the trip is, will give the best answer. If you are going tarpon fishing, the boat ride could be very short considering a lot of the tarpon in the migration are close to the marina. Also, we get fresh bait every morning which is typically in bait traps (takes about 10 minutes). So on average, from when you leave the dock, you could be fishing in 25 minutes which isn’t too bad. If you are on a full day trip, and we are going a little further out in to the backcountry or to the Marquesas Keys, you could have just under an hour from leaving the dock until you are fishing. A lot of times on route to certain fishing locations, we see some activity on the way and stop to fish it. Just remember when booking, that the trip times (like with any charter company) are from dock to dock (i.e. half day trip leave dock at 8am and come back at 12pm).

What do I need to bring on the fishing charter?

You should be wearing comfortable clothes that match with the weather for the day of your charter. A light rain jacket is sometimes a good idea as well during the summer months. Always wear sunglasses (polarized) and a hat is not a bad idea either. Both help with the glare and help your eyes adjust to changing light throughout the day. Also, polarized sunglasses will help you see through the water better (more important if flats fishing/sight casting). Light snacks and food are also a good idea. There is sometimes a little bit of sunscreen on the boat but it is preferred to bring your own. If you would like to bring alcoholic beverages on the boat that is fine, but try and keep the hard alcohol to a minimum and use aluminum cans if bringing beer. Please try and avoid bringing large coolers with you, as they tend to get in the way. The cooler on the boat is sufficient in size. Small coolers and cooler bags are a good idea though if you would like to bring your own. *Please, no styrofoam coolers. They never, ever hold up.

Should I bring my own fishing gear?

If you really have to. Provided on the boat is top of the line Quantum and Fin-Nor Reels with Star and Crowder Rods. So, if you really want to bring your own tackle, make sure your captain knows about it before hand so they can make room on their boat.

Is there a bathroom on the boat?

On most 24 foot bay boats, no. On some of the bigger charter boats in town, yes. There is a swim platform on the back of the boat which allows for (primarily women) to use as their restroom. Men don’t have an issue. If you have to have a boat with a bathroom on it please make note of it when inquiring about a charter, and you will be referred to someone who offers this. *Just so you know, all flats boats and most bay boats (well really most boats under 32 feet) do not have restrooms on them.

What is provided in my charter for the day?

One of the top questions. Provided in your day is:

  • Bottled water on ice in the cooler
  • Fishing license for everyone during the charter
  • All needed fishing tackle and bait for the given day
  • Instruction and techniques
  • Fish cleaning (if bringing a few home for lunch/dinner)

How many fish can I catch?

This is a really hard, if not impossible question to answer. Depending on what you are going for, how you’re fishing, and what time of year you are fishing can give you a better idea. If you want to get hard to catch target species, you will most likely catch less fish (which is anywhere in the world). If you are looking for a variety and want to catch a little bit of anything, you will most likely catch lots of fish. We can switch up your day for you giving you a custom experience to do a little bit of both.

What if there is bad weather on the day of our trip?

No one likes being out on the water if it is extremely windy and rainy all day. It makes things really difficult when being forced to fish certain locations based on the weather conditions. The possibility of inclement weather will be brought up night before (or at check in), and also prior to the charter for a more accurate prediction. Honest captains’ opinions will be brought to you prior to the charter to discuss whether it will be worth going or not given these rare situations.