About All Water Charters

Key West Fishing with Capt. Kyle Kelso

All Water Charters is a fishing charter boat company out of Key West, FL. Owned and operated by Captain Kyle Kelso, All Water Charters takes people on private backcountry fishing, shallow reef, and custom charters. 

There are many different styles of fishing offered to those who want to embark out on a boat from Key West. The most popular type of charter that All Water Fishing Charters offers is Backcountry Fishing because it is fun, easygoing, and the variety is endless. Backcountry fishing is primarily a shallow water fishing excursion.

We also offer light tackle reef fishing trips as well. This is the type of trip where you can catch yellow tail snapper fishing on the reef, sometimes catch fish on the wrecks, and if the weather is even nice enough you could shoot out offshore for a pelagic species like mahi-mahi. The type of fishing we do is usually based on the weather conditions for the day. We don’t want to take you out to an area if we know it is going to be too rough and uncomfortable. Key West is amazing because we can always stay in shallow water and hide from the wind or waves if the weather conditions aren’t great.

About Capt. Kyle Kelso

All Water Fishing Charters was started in 2013 by Captain Kyle Kelso. Captain Kyle was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Florida. He grew up fishing the Tampa Bay area with his dad and grandfather. He has always had a passion for the water and the environment. He graduated high school in St. Petersburg and got his Captain’s License shortly after. He has been extremely serious with his fishing career ever since, always trying to better himself and learn different parts of the industry. He moved to Key West shortly after obtaining his captain’s license in 2009 and fished non stop, as a full time career. 

Capt. Kyle Kelso with a happy customer and his permit

He knows the waters in the Lower Keys to the Marquesas Keys. He fishes the flats, backcountry, reef, and offshore. Captain Kyle is a true sportsman and is great to be around on the water. He loves teaching kids how important it is to preserve such a beautiful environment so they can enjoy it through their childhood just like he did. Captain Kyle is very flexible and will try and create a custom charter catered to the goals of his anglers.

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About the Boat

2500 pathfinder

25′ Hybrid Bay Boat

Captain Kyle Kelso uses a 2500 Pathfinder as his fishing machine. Pathfinder has been making boats for a long time and also based out of Florida, designing models for sportsman in their element. With attention to detail and innovative designs, Pathfinder continues to impress industry pros and avid sportsmen around the country.

The 2500 Pathfinder is the ultimate tool for fishing the coast in Florida and the Florida Keys. It can get in fairly shallow water, as well as making it a comfortable ride in chop or deeper water. It fishes up to 4 people on a guided charter.

Outfit of the Boat

  • Dual Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors for anchoring in the shallows
  • Minn-Kota Riptide trolling motor for sneaking up on shallow water fish
  • Simrad GPS and Sonar (fishfinder)
  • Yamaha 300HP outboard motor (nice and VERY quiet unlike 2-Strokes!)
  • VHF Radio
  • Livewell to keep baits alive and well and a fish box for your keepers
  • Plenty of dry storage
  • Swim platform – great for getting back on the boat with ease ( ladies love it too! )

back of 2500 pathfinder

The Gear

Daiwa tackle is the choice for rods and reels, making high end equipment to withstand the brutal saltwater environment and charter fishing use.

daiwa bg

Daiwa BG Spinning Reels

daiwa saltist spinning reels

Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reels

daiwa saltist hyper speed

Daiwa Saltist Hyper Speed

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Book Direct for a Better Experience

Wouldn’t you like to speak to the guy who’s going to be taking you out on your fishing charter versus the guy who just answers the phone? Some people don’t mind, but if you want to get the best idea for what you are going to accomplish for any given charter, it’s best to book direct. Also, expect to pay more if you book through a hotel, concierge, or a booking company. Captains have to pay for that service if you don’t call direct. Only your captain can give you the best explanation of the type of charter you would like to book. Contact Captain Kyle Kelso today to book your fishing charter.