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Key West Backcountry fishing trips are done on flats boats, as well as bay boats. The bay boat scene is becoming huge in Florida becasue of the types of fishing you’re able to engage in while out on the water. Bay boats can get fairly shallow  as well as take a pretty decent chop. This gives the bay boat trip the flexability to be able to accomplish almost anything out on the water, given the right weather and conditions. Backcountry fishing in a bay boat can be a little more comfortable than a flats boat, just due to its size. You can fit up to 4 anglers on a bay boat, yet 2-3 is preferred.

  • Your general backcountry fishing is fairly easy to do. It is usually less stress free, and a great way to get on the water (also for a good price) to catch lots of fish. Jacks, snappers, barracudas, tarpon, sharks, and other somewhat tropical species can be caught on your general Key West backcountry fishing trip.
    Key West backcountry fishing tarpon

    Capt. Kyle Kelso boat side with a large Key West tarpon.

  • There are up to 20 different species you could get into while Key West backcountry fishing. Most of the fishing is done in shallow channels that cut through the grass flats. Being in a bay boat, you can also engage in some of the shallow water wrecks and reefs just outside of the backcountry. Being able to be versitle is key, as sometimes the fishing needs to be done in a different area than originally planned. Backcountry fishing from a bay boat has become a new favorite for experienced and novice Key West anglers alike.

    The 25′ Pathfinder “hybrid style” bay boat can get shallow yet take a good chop.

  • Backcountry fishing in Key West can open you up to a ton of possibilities. You can fish for some of the most sought after gamefish as well as some easier, more relaxing fun fighting fish. The day is yours for what you want to accomplish. There are many different types of fishing you can do within the backcountry. Flats fishing is the more technical type of fishing done in the backcountry. Flats fishing is primarily sight casting in the shallows throughout the backcountry.
  • The species that many flats fishing anglers like to go after is permit, bonefish, tarpon, and barracuda. The only way to catch a few of these fish is sight casting, which creates a difficult, more advanced day that experienced anglers appreciate. This is not the best type of trip to bring kids on. Kids and itchy anglers who just want to catch some fish and have fun will not enjoy flats fishing due to the difficulty and patience factor. Some days flats fishing you may only catch a couple fish, yet these fish are the most prized backcountry species. Flats fishing takes a special kind of angler.
    Nice mangrove snapper for dinner.

    Mangrove snapper in the backcountry.

  • Some people enjoy splitting up their fishing vacation when they are in Key West and like to try a couple different kinds of fishing. This is a good way to experience all the different types of fishing we have, so if you are interested in flats fishing, try it while you’re here. If you don’t like it, the next closest thing would be a general backcountry trip.
Black tip shark being released in the backcountry

Big black tip shark being presented boat side.

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