December Key West Fishing Report 2016


Fishing in Key west has been very productive with lots of species around. You never know what you may catch in the backcountry this time of year. We have mainly been fishing these ecosystems which include mangrove islands, shallow flats, channels, and sometimes even artificial structures that are scattered within. The species fish we are going after this time of year changes day to day, as the weather can be cooler or warmer.

December is a great time to get out there and go after a variety of species because of this inconsistent weather we have. The cooler weather brings in tons of bait fish to our shallows, which are followed by their predators. On the warmer days, we have been seeing some resident tarpon, jacks, snappers, and sharks in our channels. On the cooler days, we see more of our winter time variety like yellow jacks, ladyfish, sea trout, and pompano in our grass basins. It’s a great time of year to be out on the water, that’s for sure.



This past week we have gotten into some very cool species including goliath grouper, the very illusive Key West snook, baby tarpon, and shallow water mutton snappers. It’s so cool to be able to catch many different things, as it keeps high interests! Many customers ask what we are going after that given day, and most of the time there isn’t a correct answer as the variety can change daily. The best thing to do when fishing this time of year is to go out there with an optimistic mind because you truly never know. Unless you’re actually wanting to target a certain species, there’s endless possibilities on the types of fish you can get into.


The holidays are booking up so don’t hesitate to call and book your Key West fishing charter before it’s too late!