Early Spring Fishing Report ’16


The fishing this spring already has been incredible. With the weather getting warmer and warmer, we are seeing many of our spring species emerge. Tarpon, yellow jacks, barracudas, and other hard fighting species are making their appearance in the backcountry. There ares till some cold fronts to come, which will make things cool off a little bit…but this is good. The cooler fronts can bring in more bait to the shallows, which allows are big game fish to prosper throughout.

The days that I have been going out start off looking for tarpon in the channels. It is still early for tarpon, but the early birds as I like to call them are already here. They are hit or miss in the early spring, but it is definitely looking good as a whole. Many of these fish are just getting to the Keys on their migration, and are very hungry! Mostly fishing with live bait, we are drifting through channels or casting towards channel edges to get our hookups. Along with the tarpon we will also see big schools of jack crevalle and yellow jacks. These are also a blast to catch on light tackle, especially if the tarpon aren’t always cooperating.

The cobia bight got a little slower since it has been so warm, but they are still around and definitely have their good days. The cobias I have seen are in the same types of environments as the tarpon, as well as on shallow wrecks.

Yellow Jack in Key West

Yellow jack in the backcountry.

Permit in the backcountry are all ganged up getting ready for their spawn this coming April. They are balled up in big schools in deeper channels just outside of the backcountry. Some of these fish are a little picky, but certain tide periods are when we are having the best luck at getting them to eat live crabs.

Shark fishing has also been great as the water is warming up, making the sharks really fired up. Mostly lemon sharks are what we are going after, which give a great fight (and also look pretty cool). Black tips, bull sharks, and the occasional hammerhead are also in the mix.

Fishing in Key West this early spring season has been great so far, and we are looking forward to another amazing season in our prosperous fishery.

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