December Mid Report

The Key West Backcountry: December 2014


The winter time in the Key West fishing industry is looking good with lots of bookings and cooler weather. Here’s a little Key West fishing days’ end backcountry report from this December. The backcountry in Key West has cooled off with all these cold fronts we are experiencing. There are some species of fish that are mildly stunned from the weather, yet they are still around. As the sun heats the water up a little after a cold front, the fishing gets really productive. The deeper waters of the backcountry are the places to fish, as many species go to these depths for warmer water.¬†Jacks, sharks, snapper, mackerel, and cobia are being caught in the backcountry as we speak. The trout bite has slowed down a little bit this week, but will soon be a little more productive as soon as the Key West water temperature gets a tad warmer. A lot of the yellow jacks and jack crevelles we are catching are on live pinfish. A channel I fished today even had a couple tarpon rolling around in it. I was surprised to see tarpon with the water temperatures in the mid to upper sixties. Today I got to fish with Scott Kazmir, pro baseball player for the Oakland A’s. He used to be the pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays, which I thought was pretty neat since I am from there. Good times out on the water today with him and his girlfriend Kim. We got into a good little variety of fish, despite the hefty wind and cooler weather. It looks like the wind is going to lay down in the upcoming week, which I am looking forward to. I am planning on hitting some spots that have been unprotected from the wind, which¬†should really turn on when it lays down. There’s a few shallow wrecks and channels I would like check out for some cobia right after a big set of wind. Key West fishing out on the reef sounds pretty good right now, from what I heard by a few of the offshore captains at the marina. They are getting into tunas, wahoo, kingfish, yellow tail snapper, grouper, porgies, and some cobia. There’s a good bite right now offshore, as the waters out there are little warmer, while the breeze stirs up the baitfish. As the sun heats the water up a little after a cold front, the fishing gets really productive.

Leaving Key West harbor

My little friend this morning.

Regardless of when you come fishing in Key West this month, there will be a fish here with your name on it. We are using all types of different baits this time of year and artificial lures which will give you some different techniques when fishing. Give us a call at 305-509-2201 to inquire about booking your Key West fishing trip today!