Mid June 2017 Fishing Report


Fishing this month has been great. The weather has finally cleared up from the storms and wind we had earlier in the month. Right now we are seeing some consistency in the trends of our fishery. The tarpon in the early morning seem to be chewing pretty good until mid morning. There can be another good late afternoon bite, but the mornings are the best bet. Fishing for tarpon, we are using primarily 30-40lb fluorocarbon leader with how clear the summer time waters are. Pinfish and crabs are the ideal baits for catching tarpon. Some days they prefer one over the other.

There have been a lot of permit hanging around as well. Permit have been spotted mostly in channels or on edges of channels, on a lower tide. These fish come off the flats and hang out in the channels until the tide comes back up. While sight fishing, throwing a permit a live crab is ideal.

Lots of other species have also been around in the backcountry including jacks of all types, ladyfish, black tip sharks, bull sharks, lemon sharks, barracudas, bonnet head sharks, and mangrove snappers. This gives us a nice little variety to go after throughout the day.

This time of year, make sure to try and get a morning charter if possible. The best time of the day to fish in the summer months is early in the morning. Once that mid day sun comes up, the bite will start to slow down as the water heats up. Also, make sure to stay hydrated when out on the water days before! There’s nothing worse than having to go back to the dock early because of heat sickness and dehydration.