Slower Times Key West


Right now in Key West you will not see a whole lot of things going on. There aren’t many events, nor are there a whole lot of people in town visiting. I typically like this time of year because of how quiet it is in town, especially for how quiet it is out on the water. You may be out on the water all day and only see a couple boats. This makes fishing a lot more peaceful, and takes a lot of pressure off the fish. It’s a great time to book a Key West fishing trip or custom charter. The fall is technically considered one of the slow times of the Keys in general. There are a few special events like Fantasy Fest at the end of October, as well as the World Championship Powerboat Races that happen in early November. These events will spike up some business for Key West, but don’t have a whole lot of impact on the fishing world. If you are looking for a great deal, and a quiet and peaceful time to come down to the Keys, now is the time. You will find that hotel rates are way lower than the rest of the year. The only thing that may be a little more expensive is when you are looking for vacation rentals in private residences. These homes are typically taken up by seasonal visitors of Key West who stay for a few months at a time. The prices for these rentals are pretty high. Your best bet this time of year is to get a hotel somewhere down by Duval street or in the “Old Town” area of Key West. This will give you the opportunity to walk everywhere you’d like to go in town. Like I stated before, there won’t be a whole lot of people in town this time of year. To some of you this is great – to be able to enjoy Key West’s quieter months. For you party-goers, I would wait until Fantasy Fest, New Years, or (for the younger ones) Spring Break to come to Key West. It won’t be extremely wild on Duval street this time of year. The only time you may see a spike in the nightlife will be on the weekends. Hope this info helped. If any of you interested Key West travelers need more info on what to do, where to go, and what to eat, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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